Brisbane, 18-19 May, 2024

Start-up Competition

AI + Web3 Convention 2024


To provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their AI and Web3 innovations, and to connect them with leading venture capital firms and investors for potential collaboration and investment.

Date: 18-19 May, 2024

Vision: "To scout, nurture, and elevate the brightest and most innovative minds in the AI & Web3 landscape. "

Opportunity: "AI & Web3 are more than buzzwords—they're shaping the next epoch of technological innovation. By sponsoring, VCs play a pivotal role in catalysing this wave. "

AI + Web3 Convention 2024

Event Highlights - A Two-Stage Showcase

Stage 1
Start-up Competition
Startups Spectrum Expect a rich tapestry of startups—spanning sectors like FinTech, HealthTech, PropTech, and more. Estimated combined valuation: $500M." (Seed and Angel Funding Rounds)
The inaugural stage of the event focuses on emerging start-ups seeking their initial funding. The Start-up Competition is a dynamic platform designed to showcase innovative ideas and projects, opening doors for those in the Seed and Angel funding rounds to secure the necessary financial support. Entrepreneurs will present their ventures, highlighting the potential for growth and impact to a panel of seasoned investors.
Stage 2
Special Features
"Dedicated VC zones, startup-VC speed dating sessions, exclusive VC luncheons with keynote founders, and closed-door pitch sessions."
A dedicated staff member to ensure smooth networking can be a great value-add for startups, offering them the ease to focus solely on building meaningful connections.
event highlights

AI + Web3 Convention 2024

Event Agenda

May 18 All Day

Startup Competition

  • Presentation and competition among participating enterprises to showcase innovative products or business models, attracting investors' and judges' attention.
  • Judges' evaluation to select winning enterprises and potential investment projects
  • Attractive startups and funded companies pitch to investors and sponsors, demonstrating their potential and business plans, seeking further support and collaboration.

May 19 Morning

Investor, Sponsor Roadshow

  • Investors showcase their strategies to attract potential projects.
  • Sponsors display their resources to partner with startups or events.
  • Investors and sponsors build relationships and expand networks.
  • Sharing trends and experiences for valuable information.

May 19 Afternoon

Award Ceremony and Closing

  • Presentation of awards to winning startups, announcement of competition outcomes, and conclusion of the event..

AI + Web3 Convention 2024


First Prize

  • Cash reward in cryptocurrency.
  • Potential token investments or liquidity provisions.
  • Priority access to prominent blockchain incubators or accelerators.
  • Opportunities for direct partnerships or integration with established Web3 platforms.


  • Cash reward.
  • Token-based incentives or staking opportunities.
  • Mentorship sessions with leading figures in the blockchain industry.

Consolation Prize

  • A modest cash prize and complimentary industry-related training or courses.

Promising AI Award

  • Cash reward.

Special NFT Prize

  • The winning team's concept or prototype will be tokenized as an NFT and auctioned, with proceeds going to the team.

People's Choice Award

  • Direct investment opportunity from the community funds.

AI + Web3 Convention 2024

Event Timeline

Application & Screening(From DEC 2023)
  • Entrepreneurs submit their business plans, product demos, or prototypes.
  • A panel of judges selects the most promising teams.
  • Preparation & Additional Mentorship(From APR Week 3)
  • Entrepreneurs submit their business plans, product demos, or prototypes.
  • A panel of judges selects the most promising teams.
  • Grand Finale (18 May, 2024)
  • Teams pitch and showcase innovations live.
  • A prestigious panel, including representatives from the 30 VC firms, will evaluate the pitches.
  • Mentorship(Week 1-2, APR, 2024)
  • Teams refine their pitches and demonstrations through online webinars, workshops, and one-on-one mentor sessions.
  • Chosen teams present their pitches and demos online.
  • Judges select the finalists.
  • Welcome Party(17 May, 2024)
  • Host a welcome party in Queensland Parliament House.
  • Judging & Award Ceremony (19 May, 2024)
  • Based on criteria like innovation, market potential, team capability, and feasibility, winners are selected.
  • Post-pitch, start-ups have dedicated networking and discussion sessions with interested VC firms.
  • AI + Web3 Convention 2024

    Who Participate

    Access funding and resources to expand their ventures.
    Seek further investment opportunities, enhance brand recognition.
    Discover emerging opportunities, invest in high-potential startups.
    Offer support, establish connections with potential innovators and investors.
    who participate

    AI + Web3 Convention 2024

    Why Participate?

    · For Start-ups

    Raise Funding

      Engage with a panel of discerning investors during the Start-up Competition to secure the crucial funding needed for your innovative projects. This is an invaluable opportunity for start-ups in Seed and Angel funding rounds to propel their ideas into reality.

    Financial Advisors

      Access to experienced financial advisors. These advisors specialize in identifying and meticulously matching startups with potential investors aligned with their business model, industry, and growth goals. Facilitating crucial investment opportunities for their growth and development.

    Networking Opportunities

      Join a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs, fostering connections that extend beyond the event. Networking opportunities abound, allowing you to share experiences, insights, and potential collaborations with fellow innovators.

    Enhanced Visibility

      Showcase your venture to a diverse audience, gaining exposure and recognition in the competitive landscape. The Start-up Competition serves as a launching pad for visibility, potentially attracting partners, customers, and further investment.

    Mentorship and Guidance

      Connect with seasoned mentors and industry experts who can provide valuable guidance to navigate challenges, refine your business strategy, and accelerate your growth trajectory. This mentorship aspect adds a unique dimension to your participation.

    Validation and Feedback

      Receive constructive feedback from experienced investors and industry professionals, offering insights to refine and enhance your project. The validation gained during the competition serves as a valuable asset as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey.

    AI + Web3 Convention 2024

    Why Participate?

    · For Enterprise

    Showcase Maturity and Scalability

      Take center stage during the Capital Connect round to present your established venture to a discerning audience. Highlight your company's maturity, scalability, and market readiness, attracting investors involved in higher funding rounds such as A Rounds and B Rounds.

    Financial Advisors

      Financial advisors are at hand to facilitate companies in higher funding rounds by actively seeking and aligning them with appropriate investors. These advisors work closely with your company's unique requirements and growth trajectory to identify compatible investors, paving the way for further investment discussions and potential partnerships.

    Strategic Networking

      Connect with a diverse array of investors and fellow participants in a collaborative environment. Build strategic partnerships, exchange insights, and explore co- investment opportunities that contribute to the growth and success of your company.

    Access to a Curated Investor Base

      Capital Connect provides access to a curated selection of investors actively seeking opportunities in companies at advanced funding stages. Tailor your engagement to align with investors whose strategic interests and expertise complement your company's trajectory.

    Contribution to Future Technology

      Participation in "Start-up Competition & Capital Connect" positions your company at the forefront of shaping the future of technology. By attracting investment, you play a pivotal role in advancing the landscape of AI and Web3 technologies.

    AI + Web3 Convention 2024

    Why Participate?

    · For Investors

    Curated Selection of Opportunities

      Explore a curated selection of projects, ranging from promising start-ups in their infancy to established companies with a proven track record. Tailor your investment portfolio by connecting with ventures aligned with your strategic interests and investment criteria.

    Financial Advisors

      We offer specialized financial advisory services for investors, aiding them in identifying and assessing not only early-stage startups but also companies in higher funding rounds. Our financial advisors tailor their approach based on investors' preferences and strategic goals, accurately matching suitable business ventures to provide comprehensive investment evaluations and recommendations.

    Early Access to Innovative Ideas

      Engage with start-ups at the forefront of technological innovation. Capital Connect provides investors with early access to transformative ideas, allowing you to be at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies.

    Strategic Networking

      Connect with a diverse array of entrepreneurs and fellow investors in a collaborative environment. Build strategic partnerships, exchange insights, and explore co-investment opportunities that contribute to the growth of innovative projects.

    Contribution to Future Technology

      By participating in "Start-up Competition & Capital Connect," investors actively contribute to shaping the future of technology. Support groundbreaking ventures, drive innovation, and play a pivotal role in advancing the landscape of AI and Web3 technologies.

    AI + Web3 Convention 2024

    Why Participate?

    · For Sponsors

    Due Diligence Efficiency

      Save on scouting time. We present startups ready for the limelight, having undergone mentorship and fine-tuning.

    Investment Opportunities

      Gain unparalleled access to curated startups, primed for growth. Our rigorous screening ensures you meet startups with robust models and clear scalability.


      Accentuate your firm's presence. The competition attracts global media, potential LPs, and startups—making it a prime platform to affirm your leadership in the tech domain.

    Network Expansion

      Our event isn't just a competition—it's a melting pot of technologists, founders, co-investors, and corporates. Every interaction can be a gateway to a potential deal.

    Sponsorship Opportunity

    Exclusive Sponsor

    Whale Tank Sponsor

    For Startups

    Startup Pitch Slot,Startup Pod

    Networking Opportunities

    For Investors

    Exclusive Investor Pass

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    Information: info@web3convention.com

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